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analysis tools

Our FEA package, Strand7, has full flexibility to model diverse structural engineering problems in a wide range of materials; enabling basic beam deformations through to complex 3D geometries to be handled within the same environment. Combining Strand7 with the Tekla Tedds suite of code checking software we are equipped for collaborative working on challenging building designs.

drawing packages

We take pride in producing clear and concise well resolved drawing packages; frequently utilising additional 3D imagery and visuals to help inform project teams of our design intent. All engineers draw in the Built office. Detailed drawings are predominantly produced in Vectorworks, whilst early scheme mark ups are produced using Bluebeam which we also use extensively during screen share meetings and remote collaborations. We also have capabilities in using AutoCAD, Revit & Rhino.

digital workflows

We process design information from initial sketches through to final production information using a range of tools and programmes, we welcome flexible design development both within our tight-knit team and the wider design team. We are interested in the emerging field of 3D printing and the possibility of linking initial concept ideas into digital workflow processes to enable synchronicity between first ideas and drawing models through to analysis, optimisation, geometry adjustment and manufacture.

form finding

designs can be explored by varying parameters manually or by analysis iterations driven by structural optimisation. We can couple digital geometries produced in Rhino with Grasshopper to rapidly explore the effects of varying key parameters. Our Strand7 package allows API (application programming interface) sub-routines to drive form-finding optimisation, eg. as shown alongside by removing areas of lower stressed material on each iteration until a suitable convergence is reached



The office is a naturally light space where open discussion is encouraged. The practice has always been about trying to do new things; hands on model making, testing and experimentation are central to this approach.


The Derbyshire workshop is an evolving multi use space where we can model, test, prototype, and carry out small fabrications in wood metal and concrete.


A speculative exercise in developing a flowable lightweight Architectural concrete mix for component manufacture.


Load testing the Pinions Barn stair – a great demonstration of our willingness and ability, when required, to organise and carry out load testing to verify the capacity of our designs.