Slide Saucemeres Barn

Heath Walker Studio Architects

This modern era pre-cast concrete barn was converted to a family home with the skeleton of the original barn retained and strengthened to suit the new use. The retained framing was infilled with a highly insulated timber framed construction, an additional floor was added & carefully sequenced underpinning works upgraded the existing footings to deal with local soil conditions.


the original modern era pre-cast framed tractor shed is set amidst arable land


construction progress image showing the retained elements of pre cast concrete three pin arches and purlin rails. New suspended beam and block ground floor withstands clay heave. Temporary works bracings are in place awaiting the permanent bracing from the new highly insulated timber walling


the transformed front elevation


an internal spine wall provides partial support to the roof – other freestanding elements define an interesting variety of new internal spaces


we were involved in the structural modelling of the fit out details such as the integrated bench and balustrade to the first floor landing shown here


the structurally strengthened and reconditioned precast portals integrate beautifully with the modern interior