Slide Miscellaneous Basements

Various architects

We have developed a depth of expertise in carrying out a range of basements in often challenging site constraints, and ground conditions.

a large detached Holland Park corner site property was supported on a piled raft prior to formation of a large plan basement with contiguous pile wall to the extended perimeter – localised deeper section incorporates a swimming pool

a rear garden on the perimeter of Clapham Common was dug out with a propped contiguous piled wall in open excavation to create extended living space and swimming pool

here in Balham two stage RC underpinning was used to gain early stability from the completed ring of the first stage pins before the water bearing granular ground conditions were dealt with in the second stage

here in Hammersmith a single bay is excavated in preparation for steel fixing and pouring the underpin base section to create a basement beneath a period terraced property

this Notting Hill site has a two and a half storey basement on a confined overlooked site to create two levels of living space incorporating a pool on the lowest floor, after completion of the contiguous piling, top down construction made practical use of the available space whilst minimising awareness of the major excavation

a site in Wandsworth where water bearing gravels required the use of secant piling to form a water resistant cut off wall prior to commencing excavation

the same Wandsworth site showing a fair faced rear section of slab cast onto the sacrificial piles prior to formation of the permanent supporting walls in concrete and blockwork after which sacrificial piles will be carefully cut away