Slide Garden House Pavilion

Gianni Botsford Architects

New pavilion that caps a largely subterranean new-build house on a confined Notting Hill site. Our involvement in this project began in 2010. The sculpted roof structure has been made by specialist German and Italian carpenters.The double curvature surface directs the spanning forces to perimeter framing elements.

The ribs and lateral rails were first glued and clamped in a single axis curvature with layers as thin as 4mm, these first pieces were then re-sawn and glued to the final 3D curvature.

Connection details were agreed to Zublin timbers preferred design, employing skew drilled timber framing screws where possible and also incorporating specially fabricated steel bracketry to carry the higher loads most frequent at the lower ends of the radial ribs.

the radial ribs of the whole roof frame were trial assembled before the butt jointed lateral ribs were cut and manually fitted between the radials in an impressive effort of patience and skill

intensive clamping onto bespoke formers to achieve the double curvature ribs and laterals–note 1:1 CAD plot guide plan on workshop floor